Thursday, February 13, 2020

Looking Ahead at 2020

Welcome, woolly friends to 2020!  Wow we got here fast!  Where does the time go?  Like the sheepy nose below, let's peek through the cracks to see what's ahead ~

We have no raw fleece or millspun yarn available at this time.  The Corriedale sheep have their coats on, covering their wool to keep it clean for you, and should be shorn some time in April or May (probably May).  We only have a dozen sheep this year, so fleeces are very limited.  I have four Finnsheep crossblood lambs, there should be some of their fleece for sale - we have to see how it looks at shearing time.

I've been going through my stash - both yarn and spinning fibers.  I have rehomed most of the yarn, and have plans for the spinning fibers.  I do, however, have three small (one pound) lots of roving for sale.  


Warm white, simple and easy to spin into a classic yarn. Completely Corriedale from our farm flock.  $22 plus shipping


A 50-50 blend of grey Corriedale from our flock and spotted Jacob wool from a neighboring Michigan farm makes for a nice, hearty yarn.  This one isn't quite as easy to spin because the fibers were different lengths, drafting isn't quite as smooth (at least I didn't think it was)  Still, it makes a great farmhouse style yarn from two great breeds of sheep.  $25 plus shipping


70% naturally dark coffee brown Corriedale and 30% bay-black Alpaca gives such a richness of color to this roving - my favorite blend for hard wearing all natural socks (or any other project, this is a really nice one)!  Hints of silvery grey appear occasionally through the fibers to give it real depth.  Lovely to spin!  $25 plus shipping

We accept Paypal (preferred), check or money order.  Please contact me at serenityfarmswool @ yahoo dot com with any questions, availability and shipping quote.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Watch This Space for 2019 Fleece For Sale

I will be listing Corriedale and Corriedale cross available fleeces for sale here shortly from the 2019 season!  Many are already reserved, there are just a few left but I'll try to get them photographed and share them here.

In the meantime, you may enjoy watching the most recent episode of our podcast focusing on skirting a fleece!  It's Episode 8 - Wool Rewards - of the My Wool Mitten podcast on YouTube.

Thank you for your interest in our sheep and wool!  If you have any questions, please feel free to direct message me on Instagram or Ravelry where I'm mywoolmitten, or email me at serenityfarmswool at yahoo dot com.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

It Takes A Yarn....

Or, farm yarns that we currently have available to purchase...

UPDATE 2019 ~ We are now sold out of yarns for the near future.  I have one more very small batch coming back from the mill, but no plans for anything more any time soon.  There will be raw fleeces available after spring shearing, and possibly some rovings.  Watch this space or follow us on Instagram @mywoolmitten  Thank you to all who have purchased and supported our small farm!

I've recently had a lot of questions about what yarns we might have for sale (possibly because of the new podcast!)  I'll be completely honest - not much right now, for lots of different reason.  And if you're interested in that conversation, I'm going to discuss it in detail on the next episode of the My Wool Mitten podcast, out sometime this December. 

A skein of Dunbonnet (left) and Havre (right) look so beautiful together!
We're so thankful for the interest and support of our farm products, it really does mean so much!  So here you have it, a listing of all the farm yarns that we have at this time.  You may recognize some of them as earlier runs - they are skeins that I may have saved back for myself but realize that I'm not going to get them all knit up.  All perfectly good yarns.  We have a smoke free home, one indoor/outdoor cat but of course she isn't allowed with the yarn!  All yarn is washed gently in a fragrance free wash when it comes back from the mill, dried in fresh air and stored in a wooden cupboard with cedar and lavender alongside on the shelves.  All that said, here are the offerings and ordering details are at the end of the post.


"Dunbonnet" moorit Corriedale-Bond cross from sheep Jessie, Jinger and Leoch (see Leoch's picture below). 3 ply, worsted spun sport weight, 240-250 yards; $20 per skein plus shipping.  ~ S O L D  O U T ~ of this Outlander themed, rich chestnut colored yarn.

"Leoch" is the red sheep on the right, who's fleece contributed to the Dunbonnet yarn


"Havre" is the Swedish word for "oats", so named by my friend Caroline.  I really want to make all the things from this - sweaters, hats, mittens, shawls! This beautiful soft and warm yarn is a 50/50 blend of our white Corriedale wool and fawn Alpaca from my friend and neighbors farm.  2-ply, sport weight, 240-250 yards; $20 per skein plus shipping.  Only 4 skeins still available ~ SOLD OUT ~


"Lineage" is our latest offering, and is so named as a nod to the lineage of the sheep who produced the fleece to make it.  We're very much about bloodlines and history in our flock of Corriedales and "Image" and her daughter "Naomi" are descendants of one of our first sheep, "Violet" - a perennial favorite and prolific fiber producer.  This is a warm grey, 2-ply worsted weight.  It was spun at a different mill than our other yarns and there are occasional slubs as well as overspun spaces in the skeins, giving it more of a handspun feel.  Look closely at the photo above (click on the image to make it larger) and you will see examples of this.  Please be aware of the uneven spin before purchasing this yarn, and if that's unacceptable consider a different yarn for your project.  About 240-250 yards each, $20 per skein plus shipping.  Only 3 skeins available, a very limited run (and I'm keeping some for myself)~ SOLD OUT ~

"Naomi" as a baby lamb, followed by her mother "Image"
My Wool Mitten Collection

My Wool Mitten collection of natural colored mini skeins
Finally, I have a sampler set of mini skeins for you - just in case you can't decide or if you'd just like to try some Corriedale and Corriedale blend yarns.  This set of five natural colored mini skeins are 50 yards each, so a total of 250 yards to work with.  It includes - from left to right - "Wisewoman" (white); "Havre" (fawn); "Lord John Grey" (silver); "Gravel Road At Dark" (charcoal) and "Murmurations" (natural black).  Please note that some of these yarns are no longer available in full size skeins.  I have only TWO of these sets available and then they're gone.  Cost is $22.50 and FREE SHIPPING within the United States!  (I will ship outside the States, but can't cover the shipping costs for that)  I'll also pay for shipping if you would like to purchase a full sized skein or two to go with the set of mini skeins ;)  ~ SOLD OUT ~

NOTE: If you would prefer to have the darker chestnut of "Dunbonnet" in your set, just let me know and I can substitute it for one of the other colors.

If you're interested in purchasing any of these yarns, please send me an email at to check availability.  Include your zip code so I can calculate shipping.  We accept Paypal, personal check or money order.

And as always, thank you for considering our small farm fibers and yarns!

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Warm White Corriedale Roving


Nearly 10 pounds of white wool from "Hannah" the Corriedale sheep went off to Zeilingers Wool Mill, and came back as 7 pounds of lovely roving, ready to be spun!  Fully raised and produced right here in the Middle of the Mitten, Michigan's lower peninsula.

Hannah's fleece is warm white with a vintage look and feel.  She has a long staple length with the traditional Corriedale crimp and I think that is still evident in the roving.  It's plush and comforting to spin, with the notable Corriedale softness and durability.  I have approximately 5 pounds available for $28 per pound (plus shipping).  If you would be interested in all 5 pounds (share with a friend!) price will be reduced to $25 per pound (plus shipping)

We accept Paypal (preferred), check or money order.  Please contact me at serenityfarmswool @ yahoo dot com with any questions, availability and shipping quote.

Fluffy white sheep Hannah, who produced the wool that made this roving!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Off To The Mill ~

Corriedale fleeces leaving the farm for the fiber mill, will be returning as both yarn and roving.  White only at this time. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Corriedale Fleeces 2017

I do have most of the 2017 Corriedale and Corriedale cross fleeces skirted, but not photographed (photo below is from 2016).  If you are interested it would be best to shoot me an email at  There is no white available, but a variety of greys.  Prices will be reflected by how clean each particular fleece is.  

Monday, March 20, 2017

Yarn Anticipation!

EDITED ~ Sadly, this yarn did not come to be ;(

What could it be?  Coming later this spring, 2017 ~

Our first ever batch of Serenity Farms Finnsheep yarn!!!

Don't run away, you'll be the first to know when it becomes available!

(We only have three Finnsheep at this time, so it will be a very limited run.)

(Black Finn ewe "Maril" behind Corriedale-Merino cross ewe lamb)
We're so excited, we can hardly wait!