Monday, May 07, 2012

Corriedale Yarns

A small assortment of millspun Corriedale yarns from our farm, available in limited quantities ~ SOLD OUT (but I'll leave this post here for reference)

From top to bottom ~  GRIZZLY; JANE GRAY and SHADOWS (Shadows has sold out).  It might be a little hard to see in the picture, but there are differences in the greys.  I'll describe them below....

GRIZZLY (top) is a chunky 100% Corriedale yarn with lots of character.  It knits up quickly with size 8 or larger needles, perfect for warm and cozy hats and mittens.  It also shows cables well.  There is the slightly suggestion of brown in this yarn and it overdyes beautifully!  Skeins are about 4 ounces, 170 yards and are $12 per skein

JANE GRAY (middle) is closer to worsted weight (you might compare it to a Cascade 220 type yarn).  More Corriedale from our farm flock, including a ewe named Jane!  Very soft and squishy, and cables really pop with this yarn.  Skeins are approximately 210 yards, $16 per skein.

We do have a few cones of this available, approximately 420 yards per cone if you would be interested.  The yarn is unwashed, you'll need to skein it off and wash it before you use it.  Cones are $28.
(Example of JANE GRAY knit into a sweater)

IRIE (left) is something a little different.  This was actually meant to be a roving made from very dark brown/black Corriedale and a multi color sparkle but the mill spun it into yarn!  It's 2-ply, about a sport weight with approximately 232 yards per skein.  I've started a shawl with it and its really pretty!  $18 per skein

We have a few skeins of Ainsley's COFFEE BEAN BROWN, 2-ply fingering weight yarn in 500 yard hanks.  I haven't tried making socks with it, but I have been working on a sweater carrying the yarn doubled (in progress, below)

Price for approximately 500 yards, 2-ply dark brown yarn from our Corriedale ewe, Ainsley, is $28.

Prices listed do not include shipping.  As always, we accept cash, personal check or money order or Paypal.  If you are interested in any of our products please email me first for availability and a total price (I'll need your mailing address to figure shipping)  We can be reached at and we're always happy to answer any questions!
Sweater vest made with our GRIZZLY GREY yarn
If you're looking for Corriedale roving or top to spin your own yarn, we still have some of the rovings listed in the previous post (below) for sale.  Take a look and give me a shout if you have any questions!

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