Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Warm White Corriedale Roving


Nearly 10 pounds of white wool from "Hannah" the Corriedale sheep went off to Zeilingers Wool Mill, and came back as 7 pounds of lovely roving, ready to be spun!  Fully raised and produced right here in the Middle of the Mitten, Michigan's lower peninsula.

Hannah's fleece is warm white with a vintage look and feel.  She has a long staple length with the traditional Corriedale crimp and I think that is still evident in the roving.  It's plush and comforting to spin, with the notable Corriedale softness and durability.  I have approximately 5 pounds available for $28 per pound (plus shipping).  If you would be interested in all 5 pounds (share with a friend!) price will be reduced to $25 per pound (plus shipping)

We accept Paypal (preferred), check or money order.  Please contact me at serenityfarmswool @ yahoo dot com with any questions, availability and shipping quote.

Fluffy white sheep Hannah, who produced the wool that made this roving!