Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Warm White Corriedale Roving


Nearly 10 pounds of white wool from "Hannah" the Corriedale sheep went off to Zeilingers Wool Mill, and came back as 7 pounds of lovely roving, ready to be spun!  Fully raised and produced right here in the Middle of the Mitten, Michigan's lower peninsula.

Hannah's fleece is warm white with a vintage look and feel.  She has a long staple length with the traditional Corriedale crimp and I think that is still evident in the roving.  It's plush and comforting to spin, with the notable Corriedale softness and durability.  I have approximately 5 pounds available for $28 per pound (plus shipping).  If you would be interested in all 5 pounds (share with a friend!) price will be reduced to $25 per pound (plus shipping)

We accept Paypal (preferred), check or money order.  Please contact me at serenityfarmswool @ yahoo dot com with any questions, availability and shipping quote.

Fluffy white sheep Hannah, who produced the wool that made this roving!


Tina said...

Cary, I just discovered you yesterday and I am thoroughly enjoying your video and photos of your farm, animals, yarn and projects!

My Wool Mitten said...

Thank you Tina!

Sharyn Reed said...

Hi Cary, just discovered you the other day. Do you still have fleeces available now? And are they processed or raw.?
I was 60 on Oct. 25 of last year. I love being old enough to know better, but to young to care!

Cary ~ My Wool Mitten at Serenity Farms said...

Hi Sharyn and thank you! We don't have fleeces available right now, but we'll be shearing next around April ;)

Hurray - you're leading the way!