Thursday, February 13, 2020

Looking Ahead at 2020

Welcome, woolly friends to 2020!  Wow we got here fast!  Where does the time go?  Like the sheepy nose below, let's peek through the cracks to see what's ahead ~

We have no raw fleece or millspun yarn available at this time.  The Corriedale sheep have their coats on, covering their wool to keep it clean for you, and should be shorn some time in April or May (probably May).  We only have a dozen sheep this year, so fleeces are very limited.  I have four Finnsheep crossblood lambs, there should be some of their fleece for sale - we have to see how it looks at shearing time.

I've been going through my stash - both yarn and spinning fibers.  I have rehomed most of the yarn, and have plans for the spinning fibers.  I do, however, have three small (one pound) lots of roving for sale.  


Warm white, simple and easy to spin into a classic yarn. Completely Corriedale from our farm flock.  $22 plus shipping


A 50-50 blend of grey Corriedale from our flock and spotted Jacob wool from a neighboring Michigan farm makes for a nice, hearty yarn.  This one isn't quite as easy to spin because the fibers were different lengths, drafting isn't quite as smooth (at least I didn't think it was)  Still, it makes a great farmhouse style yarn from two great breeds of sheep.  $25 plus shipping


70% naturally dark coffee brown Corriedale and 30% bay-black Alpaca gives such a richness of color to this roving - my favorite blend for hard wearing all natural socks (or any other project, this is a really nice one)!  Hints of silvery grey appear occasionally through the fibers to give it real depth.  Lovely to spin!  $25 plus shipping

We accept Paypal (preferred), check or money order.  Please contact me at serenityfarmswool @ yahoo dot com with any questions, availability and shipping quote.

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